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    License required for electrical and plumbing trades. No state license for general contracting, however, must register with the State.

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    Home Builders & Remo Assn of Fairfield Co
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    433 Meadow St
    Fairfield, CT 06824

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    Builders Association of Eastern Connecticut
    Local # 0740
    20 Hartford Rd Suite 18
    Salem, CT 06420

    Fairfield Connecticut Construction Expert Witness 10/ 10

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    Local # 0720
    2189 Silas Deane Highway
    Rocky Hill, CT 06067

    Fairfield Connecticut Construction Expert Witness 10/ 10

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    Local # 0755
    2189 Silas Deane Hwy
    Rocky Hill, CT 06067

    Fairfield Connecticut Construction Expert Witness 10/ 10

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    Local # 0710
    110 Brook St
    Torrington, CT 06790

    Fairfield Connecticut Construction Expert Witness 10/ 10

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    Local # 0700
    3 Regency Dr Ste 204
    Bloomfield, CT 06002

    Fairfield Connecticut Construction Expert Witness 10/ 10

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    Convictions Obtained in Las Vegas HOA Fraud Case

    John Aho: Engineer Pushed for Seismic Safety in Alaska Ahead of 2018 Earthquake

    Contractors Should Be Optimistic that the Best Value Tradeoff Process Will Be Employed by Civilian Agencies

    Phillips & Jordan Awarded $176M Everglades Restoration Contract

    Colorado General Assembly Sets Forth Prerequisites for an Insurance Company to Use Failure to Cooperate as a Defense to a Claim for First Party Insurance Benefits

    Contractor Sues Supplier over Defective Products

    Trump Abandons Plan for Council on Infrastructure

    Insurer's Summary Judgment Motion on Business Risk Exclusions Fails

    Insurer Must Defend Contractor Against Claims of Faulty Workmanship

    Foreclosing Junior Lienholders and Recording A Lis Pendens

    New Home for the Aged Suffers Construction Defects

    Research Project Underway to Prepare Water Utilities for Wildfire Events

    No Coverage for Breach of Contract Claims Against Contractor

    Can I Record a Lis Pendens in Arizona if the Lawsuit is filed Another Jurisdiction?

    Plaintiffs In Construction Defect Cases to Recover For Emotional Damages?

    OSHA COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing ETS Unveiled

    Amazon Feels the Heat From Hoverboard Fire Claims

    VinFast Breaks Ground in North Carolina on its Promised $4B EV Plant

    Accessibility Considerations – What Your Company Should Be Aware of in 2021

    An Uncharted Frontier: Nevada First State to Prohibit Defense-Within-Limits Provisions

    Haight’s Stevie Baris Selected for Super Lawyers’ 2021 Northern California Rising Stars

    Home Building Up in Kansas City

    Michigan Court of Appeals Remands Construction Defect Case

    London Penthouse Will Offer Chance to Look Down at Royalty

    In Hong Kong, You Can Find a Home Where the Buffalo Roam

    AB 1701 – General Contractor Liability for Subcontractors’ Unpaid Wages

    2021 Executive Insights: Leaders in Construction Law

    Amazon Can be Held Strictly Liable as a Product Seller in New Jersey

    SNC-Lavalin’s Former Head of Construction Pleads Guilty to Bribery, Money Laundering

    Cost of Materials Holding Back Housing Industry

    Mexico Settles With Contractors for Canceled Airport Terminal

    Thank You for 14 Consecutive Years of Legal Elite Elections

    Repair of Part May Necessitate Replacement of Whole

    Colorado Court of Appeals to Rule on Arbitrability of an HOA's Construction Defect Claims

    California Contractors: New CSLB Procedure Requires Non-California Corporations to Associate All Officers with Their Contractor’s License

    Design & Construction Case Expands Florida’s Slavin Doctrine

    Toll Brothers Faces Construction Defect Lawsuit in New Jersey

    L.A.’s Modest Solution to the ‘Missing Middle’ Housing Problem

    Ruling Finds Builder and Owners at Fault in Construction Defect Case

    The Buck Stops Over There: Have Indemnitors Become the Insurers of First and Last Resort?

    Planned Everglades Reservoir at Center of Spat Between Fla.'s Gov.-Elect, Water Management District

    Business Interruption Insurance Coverage Act of 2020: Yet Another Reason to Promptly Notify Insurers of COVID-19 Losses

    Hybrid Contracts for The Sale of Goods and Services and the Predominant Factor Test

    Payment Bond Claim Notice Requires More than Mailing

    Buyer Beware: Insurance Agents May Have No Duty to Sell Construction Contractors an Insurance Policy Covering Likely Claims

    Seven Key Issues for Construction Professionals to Consider When Dealing With COVID-19

    Henderson Land to Spend $839 Million on Hong Kong Retail Complex

    APROPLAN and GenieBelt Merge, Creating “LetsBuild” – the Build Phase End-to-End Digital Platform

    Contractors and Owners Will Have an Easier Time Identifying Regulated Wetlands Following Recent U.S. Supreme Court Opinion

    The Privacy Shield Is Gone: How Do I Now Move Data from the EU to the US
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    The Fairfield, Connecticut Construction Expert Witness Group at BHA, leverages from the experience gained through more than 7,000 construction related expert witness designations encompassing a wide spectrum of construction related disputes. Drawing from this considerable body of experience, BHA provides construction related trial support and expert services to Fairfield's most recognized construction litigation practitioners, commercial general liability carriers, owners, construction practice groups, as well as a variety of state and local government agencies.

    Construction Expert Witness News & Info
    Fairfield, Connecticut

    Congratulations to Haight Attorneys Selected to the 2024 Southern California Super Lawyers List

    January 29, 2024 —
    Haight attorneys have been selected to the 2024 Southern California Super Lawyers list. Congratulations to:
    • Bruce Cleeland
    • Peter A. Dubrawski
    • Angela S. Haskins
    • Gary L. LaHendro
    • Denis J. Moriarty
    • Jennifer K. Saunders
    Read the full story...
    Reprinted courtesy of Haight Brown & Bonesteel LLP

    Construction Litigation Roundup: “A Fastball Right to the Bean!”

    May 06, 2024 —
    The Metropolitan Municipality of Lima, Peru, filed suit in federal court in Washington DC to vacate two separate arbitration awards rendered against the city in international arbitration proceedings subject to the Federal Arbitration Act. The city had contracted to build, improve, and maintain various highways in and around the city. To pay for this infrastructure, Lima agreed that the contractor would “receive revenues from existing and new toll booths.” Apparently, the City of Lima forgot how much citizens of the area loathed tolls, and, according to the court, the local public officials “quickly truckled” (how apropos for a road project!) to the pressure. As a result, revenues promised to the contractor were not forthcoming, and the city did nothing about it. The contractor initiated arbitration, and the city countered by arguing that the contractor had bribed its way into the contract. The city lost and was held in breach. Read the full story...
    Reprinted courtesy of Daniel Lund III, Phelps
    Mr. Lund may be contacted at

    Michael Baker Intl. Settles Federal Pay Bias Allegations

    February 26, 2024 —
    Michael Baker International Inc. agreed to pay $122,299 in back wages as part of an agreement with the U.S. Dept. of Labor to resolve allegations that the engineer-consultant paid women in four job titles less than their male counterparts. Reprinted courtesy of James Leggate, Engineering News-Record Mr. Leggate may be contacted at Read the full story...

    Surplus Lines Carrier Can Force Arbitration in Louisiana Despite Statute Limiting Arbitration

    February 12, 2024 —
    The federal district court granted the surplus lines insurer's motion to compel arbitration despite a Louisiana statute barring policies from depriving courts of jurisdiction in cases against insurers. Queens Beauty Supply, LLC v. Indep.Specialty Ins. Co., 2023 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 195372 (E.D. La. Oct. 31, 2023). Hurricane Ida damaged property leased by Queens. Queens filed suit against its insurer, Independent Specialty Insurance Company (ISIC) for breath of contract and bad faith for failing to pay the full amount Queens contends it was owed for the damage. ISIC moved to compel arbitration. Queens argued that ISIC waived its right to enforce the policy's arbitration clause by its actions before the court, including failing to opt-out of the settlement program adopted for Hurricane Ida cases. The court disagreed, ISIC had taken no overt act that evidenced a desire to resolve the instant dispute through litigation rather than arbitration. ISIC asserted as an affirmative defense that Queens's claims were barred by the arbitration clause in the policy. ISIC then participated in the settlement program for Hurricane Ida cases, which evidences a desire to settle the dispute, not to resolve it by litigation. Therefore, ISIC had not waived its right to arbitrate. Read the full story...
    Reprinted courtesy of Tred R. Eyerly, Damon Key Leong Kupchak Hastert
    Mr. Eyerly may be contacted at

    Is Modular Construction Destined to Fail?

    March 11, 2024 —
    The construction sector is a harsh environment for innovation. I’ve been following the story of one Finnish innovative contractor, Lehto Group, over the years with enthusiasm. I was saddened to hear that the group’s three significant subsidiaries joined the ranks of many Finnish contractors who have filed for bankruptcy over the last six months. Lehto developed industrialized building concepts and had its own production facilities. The company had a promising start but eventually ran into problems. Was the industrial approach a mistake, or were other factors contributing to the firm’s fall? Three Contributing Factors Lehto Group’s collapse was not a surprise to its competitors, who had observed warning signs years prior. The company’s order book plummeted in 2024 despite still employing around 500 workers. Rakennuslehti, the leading construction magazine in Finland, asked three experienced industry professionals to give their views on Lehto’s failure. The interviewees spoke anonymously due to the small size of the Finnish market and the sensitive nature of commenting on a competitor’s matters. Read the full story...
    Reprinted courtesy of Aarni Heiskanen, AEC Business
    Mr. Heiskanen may be contacted at

    Thank You for 17 Years of Legal Elite in Construction Law

    December 16, 2023 —
    Thank you once again to those in the Virginia legal community who elected me to the Virginia Business Legal Elite in the Construction Law category for the 17th consecutive year. The 17 consecutive years of election to the Legal Elite in the Construction Category span my entire close to 14 years as a solo construction attorney. The fact that you all have continued to elect “100%” of the lawyers at The Law Office of Christopher G. Hill, PC for the last 13 years is most gratifying and only confirms that my decision to “go solo” over 13 years ago was a good one. To be included in this list of top construction attorneys is both humbling and gratifying. For the complete list of the Virginia construction lawyers who were elected along with me, see the 2023 Virginia Business Legal Elite in Construction Law. Read the full story...
    Reprinted courtesy of The Law Office of Christopher G. Hill
    Mr. Hill may be contacted at

    9th Circuit Plumbs Through the Federal and State False Claims Acts

    January 16, 2024 —
    You may have heard of the False Claims Act and know that it penalizes companies and individuals in contract with the government who present false claims. The federal False Claims Act was signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863 to penalize profiteers during the Civil War who were selling the Union Army moth eaten blankets, boxes of sawdust instead of guns, and sometimes re-selling the Army calvary horses several times over. Since then, many states, including California, as well as municipalities, have enacted their own false claim statutes. As currently written, the federal False Claims Act provides for statutory penalties against any person who:
    1. “[K]nowingly presents, or causes to be presented, a false or fraudulent claim for payment or approval”;
    2. “[K]nowingly makes, uses or causes to be made or used, a false record or statement material to a false or fraudulent claim”;
    3. “[H]as possession, custody, or control of property or money used, or to be used, by the Government an knowingly delivers, or causes to be delivered, less than all of that money or property”;
    Read the full story...
    Reprinted courtesy of Garret Murai, Nomos LLP
    Mr. Murai may be contacted at

    To Ease Housing Crunch, Theme Parks Are Becoming Homebuilders

    January 29, 2024 —
    For visitors, Universal Studios Florida offers a chance to visit a fantastical land full of wizards, Minions and various characters from NBC Universal’s many film and television properties. But for the roughly 28,000 men and women who work at the 840-acre theme park and resort complex in Orlando, the troubles of the real world — like the rising cost of housing — are not far away. Central Florida has seen some of the nation’s fastest pandemic-era rent increases, thanks to a confluence of job growth, migration and housing underproduction that has put a strain on residents. The average tenant in the region saw their monthly rent jump by $600 between early 2020 and early 2023. According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford metro area has one of the worst affordable housing shortages in the US, with only 15 available units for every 100 extremely low-income renter households. The dire need for workforce housing is behind the entertainment conglomerate’s latest project in Central Florida: a 1,000-unit mixed-use development, set to open in 2026, that promises to give tenants who work in the service industry a short commute to the constellation of tourist attractions and hotels nearby. To launch the project, Universal donated 20 acres of land adjacent to the Orange County convention center. Called Catchlight Crossings and built in partnership with local developer Wendover Housing Partners, the project broke ground in November. Read the full story...
    Reprinted courtesy of Patrick Sisson, Bloomberg