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    Illinois Builders Right To Repair Current Law Summary:

    Current Law Summary: HB4873 Pending: The Notice and Opportunity to Repair Act provides that a construction professional shall be liable to a homeowner for damages caused by the acts or omissions of the professional and his or her agents, employees, or subcontractors. This bill requires the service of notice to the professional of the complained-of defect in the construction by the homeowner prior to commencement of a lawsuit. Allows the professional to make an offer of repair or settlement and to rescind this offer if the claimant fails to respond within 30 days.

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    No state license required for general contracting. License required for roofing.

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    Northern Illinois Home Builders Association Inc
    Local # 1434
    3695 Darlene Ct Ste 102
    Aurora, IL 60504

    Bolingbrook Illinois Construction Expert Witness 10/ 10

    SouthWest Suburban Home Builders Association
    Local # 1432
    10767 W 163rd Pl
    Orland Park, IL 60467

    Bolingbrook Illinois Construction Expert Witness 10/ 10

    Home Builders Association of Greater Fox Valley
    Local # 1431
    PO Box 1146
    Saint Charles, IL 60174

    Bolingbrook Illinois Construction Expert Witness 10/ 10

    Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago
    Local # 1425
    5999 S. New Wilke Rd Ste 104
    Rolling Meadows, IL 60008

    Bolingbrook Illinois Construction Expert Witness 10/ 10

    Home Builders Association of the Greater Rockford Area
    Local # 1465
    631 N Longwood St Suite 102
    Rockford, IL 61107

    Bolingbrook Illinois Construction Expert Witness 10/ 10

    Home Builders Association of Kankakee
    Local # 1445
    221 S Schuyler Ave Ste B
    Kankakee, IL 60901

    Bolingbrook Illinois Construction Expert Witness 10/ 10

    Home Builders Association of Greater Peoria
    Local # 1455
    1599 N Main Street
    East Peoria, IL 61611

    Bolingbrook Illinois Construction Expert Witness 10/ 10

    Construction Expert Witness News and Information
    For Bolingbrook Illinois

    One World Trade Center Due to Be America’s Tallest and World’s Priciest

    Client Alert: Absence of a Court Reporter at a Civil Motion Hearing May Preclude Appellate Review

    Beware of Personal-Liability Clauses – Even When Signing in Your Representative Capacity

    Bar Against Forum Selection Clauses in Construction Contracts Extended to Design Professionals

    Benefits and Pitfalls of Partnerships Between Companies

    I’m Sorry, So Sorry: Legal Implications of Apologies and Admissions of Fault for Delaware Healthcare Professionals

    United States Supreme Court Grants Certiorari in EEOC Subpoena Case

    Contractors Board May Discipline Over Workers’ Comp Reporting

    Philadelphia Revises Realty Transfer Tax Treatment of Acquired Real Estate Companies

    Appraisal Process Analyzed

    Women Make Slow Entry into Building Trades

    After Sixty Years, Subcontractors are Back in the Driver’s Seat in Bidding on California Construction Projects

    New Tariffs Could Shorten Construction Expansion Cycle

    LAX Construction Defect Suit May Run into Statute of Limitations

    White and Williams Earns National "Best Law Firm" Rankings from US News

    Forcible Entry and Detainer Actions: Courts May Not Consider Tenant’s Hardship

    Damp Weather Not Good for Wood

    Insurance Law Alert: Incorporation of Defective Work Does Not Result in Covered Property Damage in California Construction Claims

    Record-Setting Construction in Fargo

    Bad Faith Claim for Inadequate Investigation Does Not Survive Summary Judgment

    OSHA/VOSH Roundup

    Colorado Statutes of Limitations and Repose, A First Step in Construction Defect Litigation

    Quick Note: Insurer Must Comply with Florida’s Claims Administration Act

    Subcontractor Not Estopped from Enforcing Lien Not Listed In Bankruptcy Petition

    Can an Architect, Hired by an Owner, Be Sued by the General Contractor?

    Disaster Remediation Contracts: Understanding the Law to Avoid a Second Disaster

    A Loud Boom, But No Serious Injuries in World Trade Center Accident

    Economic Damages and the Right to Repair Act: You Can’t Have it Both Ways

    Excess Carrier Successfully Appeals Primary Insurer’s Summary Judgment Award

    New California Construction Law for 2019

    Is Construction Heading Off the Fiscal Cliff?

    Wisconsin “property damage” caused by an “occurrence.”

    Drop in Civil Trials May Cause Problems for Construction Defect Cases

    Concurrent Causation Doctrine Applies Where Natural and Man-made Perils Combine to Create Loss

    Local Government’s Claims on Developer Bonds Dismissed for Failure to Pursue Administrative Remedies

    Oregon Bridge Closed to Inspect for Defects

    FEMA Offers to Review Hurricane Sandy Claims

    NYC Developer Embraces Religion in Search for Condo Sites

    Creative Avenue for Judgment Creditor to Collect a Judgment

    A Contractual Liability Exclusion Doesn't Preclude Insurer's Duty to Indemnify

    Sales of Existing Homes in U.S. Fall to Lowest Since 2012

    Nevada Assembly Bill Proposes Changes to Construction Defect Litigation

    NYPD Investigating Two White Flags on Brooklyn Bridge

    New York's De Blasio Unveils $41 Billion Plan for Affordable Housing

    Ninth Circuit Holds Efficient Proximate Cause Doctrine Applies Beyond All-Risk Policies

    Is Ohio’s Buckeye Lake Dam Safe?

    Colorado’s Need for Condos May Spark Construction Defect Law Reform

    Seller Faces Federal Charges for Lying on Real Estate Disclosure Forms

    Construction Defect Notice in the Mailbox? Respond Appropriately

    Scientists found a way to make Cement Greener
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    The Bolingbrook, Illinois Construction Expert Witness Group at BHA, leverages from the experience gained through more than 7,000 construction related expert witness designations encompassing a wide spectrum of construction related disputes. Leveraging from this considerable body of experience, BHA provides construction related trial support and expert services to Bolingbrook's most recognized construction litigation practitioners, commercial general liability carriers, owners, construction practice groups, as well as a variety of state and local government agencies.

    Construction Expert Witness News & Info
    Bolingbrook, Illinois

    Finding of No Coverage Overturned Due to Lack of Actual Policy

    March 18, 2019 —
    The Appellate Division overturned a verdict for the insurer when the actual policy was never introduced at trial. Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mut. Ins. Co. v. B&F Land Dev. Corp., 2019 N.Y. App. Div. LEXIS 264 (N.Y. App. Div. Jan 16, 2018). The decedent was killed when he fell through a skylight while working on a premises owned by B&F Land Development Corporation. The estate sued B&F for wrongful death. B&F tendered to its carrier, Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual (PLM). PLM issued a reservations of rights. It later denied coverage because the location of the loss was not a location listed on the policy, an exclusion barred coverage for bodily injury arising out of B&F's ongoing operations conducted by it or on its behalf, and the loss was not reported to PLM as soon as practicable. PLM sued B&F and the estate for a declaratory judgment that it had no duty to defend or indemnify. A default judgment was entered against B&F after it failed to answer. Trial proceeded against the estate Read the court decision
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    Reprinted courtesy of Tred R. Eyerly, Damon Key Leong Kupchak Hastert
    Mr. Eyerly may be contacted at

    Luxury Villa Fraudsters Jailed for Madeira Potato Field Scam

    September 25, 2018 —
    Four men and a woman convicted of conning people to invest in a fraudulent luxury villa construction scheme on a potato field in the Portuguese island of Madeira were sentenced to as long as 5 1/2 years in a U.K. jail. Read the court decision
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    Reprinted courtesy of Franz Wild, Bloomberg

    How AI Can Become a Design Adviser

    October 02, 2018 —
    Parametrized design software is not a recent invention. This software is based on predetermined, fixed algorithms, leaving most of the work to the designer. Sweco, a leading engineering consultancy, is now exploring how artificial intelligence (AI) could take design automation in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry to the next level. Read the court decision
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    Reprinted courtesy of Aarni Heiskanen, AEC Business
    Mr. Heiskanen may be contacted at

    Ninth Circuit Clears the Way for Review of Oregon District Court’s Rulings in Controversial Climate Change Case

    February 27, 2019 —
    On December 26, a divided panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit accepted an interlocutory appeal of the presiding District Court’s pre-trial rulings in the novel climate change case that is being tried in Oregon. The case is Juliana, et al. v. United States of America. In its ruling, the Ninth Circuit held that the District Court certification of this case for interlocutory appeal satisfied the provisions of 28 U.S.C. § 1292(b). Ninth Circuit precedents authorize such an appeal when a District Court order “involves a controlling question of law as to which there is a substantial ground for difference of opinion”—which aptly characterizes the U.S. Supreme Court’s view of this litigation. Read the court decision
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    Reprinted courtesy of Anthony B. Cavender, Pillsbury
    Mr. Cavender may be contacted at

    Taking Care of Infrastructure – Interview with Marilyn Grabowski

    February 06, 2019 —
    Marilyn Grabowski leads Atlantic Infrared with a mission to protect and improve infrastructure. In this interview, we discuss her professional background, the technologies that her team uses, and why more women should consider construction as a career. Marilyn Grabowski, known as “The Lady in Red”, and her team Atlantic Infra employees dubbed “The Red Crew” have been seamlessly filling potholes across the state of New Jersey since 2002. Under her leadership, The Red Crew uses infrared technology and unfailing attention to detail to expertly repair potholes, failed utility cuts and sunken trenches with no break in the road – creating safe and aesthetically pleasing repairs statewide, at a clip of 15,000 potholes per year. Read the court decision
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    Reprinted courtesy of Aarni Heiskanen, AEC Business
    Mr. Heiskanen may be contacted at

    Drafting a Contractual Arbitration Provision

    February 11, 2019 —
    A recent Florida case discussing a contractual arbitration provision in a homebuilder’s contract discussed the difference between a narrow arbitration provision and a broad arbitration provision. See Vancore Construction, Inc. v. Osborn, 43 Fla.L.Weekly D2769b (Fla. 5th DCA 2018). Understanding the distinction between the two types of arbitration provisions is important, particularly if you are drafting and/or negotiating a contractual arbitration provision. A narrow contractual arbitration provision includes the verbiage “arises out of” the contract such that disputes arising out of the contract are subject to arbitration. Arbitration is required for those claims the have a direct relationship with the contract. Read the court decision
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    Reprinted courtesy of David Adelstein, Kirwin Norris
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    Washington Supreme Court Expands Contractor Notice Obligations

    November 28, 2018 —
    The Washington State Supreme Court dealt another blow to public works contractors in Washington State. In a case recently issued by the court, Nova Contracting, Inc. v. City of Olympia, [1] the court expanded contractors’ obligations when providing notice on public works construction projects. The Nova Contracting case was the subject of a previous blog. The case involved Nova Contracting and the City of Olympia. Nova was the low bidder on the contract. Nova alleged that the City of Olympia did not want Nova to win the job and intentionally hindered Nova’s ability to perform the job. The facts alleged by Nova, which were covered in the previous blog, involved the City’s improper and apparently punitive rejection of submittals on the job and the City’s eventual wrongful termination of Nova. Of significance in the case is that Nova never actually began work on the job. All that Nova had done at the time of termination was begin mobilizing its equipment on site. The Court of Appeals found that Nova had alleged sufficient facts to establish that the City violated the duty of good faith and fair dealing by improperly rejecting Nova’s submissions and had breached the contract with Nova by improperly terminating. Read the court decision
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    Reprinted courtesy of Brett M. Hill, Ahlers Cressman & Sleight PLLC
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    Environmental Law Violations: When you Should Hire a Lawyer

    October 09, 2018 —
    Environmental law violations can have an enormous impact on your ongoing profitability. Environmental law is complicated and multifaceted, with laws at the local, state, and federal level often overlapping. In this article, we’ll discuss environmental law violations in the context of defending against an environmental law claim. In doing so, we’ll take a brief look at what environmental law is, and explore some environmental law violations cases. This should shed some light on the complex nature of environmental law litigation, and highlight the importance of securing legal representation with the scope and breadth of practice to wade into an environmental law violation case. What is Environmental Law? Before diving into specific environmental law violation cases, it is helpful to first provide a basic outline of what environmental law is and what different levels of environmental law exist in the United States. The most well-known environmental law exists at the federal level and is enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA is responsible for enforcing directives that have been set forth by Congress over time. These include a variety of Acts, including the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act. Read the court decision
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    Reprinted courtesy of Bremer Whyte Brown & O’Meara